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Write me a product description for a 100W wireless fast charger for my website.

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Here is a product description for a 100W wireless fast charger:

Power up your devices at lightning speed with the Acme 100W Wireless Fast Charger. This premium charger delivers an industry-leading 100 watts of power, allowing you to charge multiple devices simultaneously at the fastest wireless charging speeds available. 

The Acme 100W Wireless Fast Charger features the latest Qi wireless charging technology and includes a high-powered wall adapter to deliver the maximum charging speeds to your compatible devices like the latest smartphones, wireless earbuds, smart watches, and more. The generously sized charging pad provides a large surface so you can simply place your devices on the pad for convenient charging without fumbling for cables. 

An intelligent temperature control system and built-in cooling fan allow the Acme 100W Wireless Fast Charger to operate safely at maximum speeds while protecting your devices. The charger also features foreign object detection to avoid overheating and short circuit risks. 

Experience the freedom and convenience of the fastest wireless charging technology with the Acme 100W Wireless Fast Charger. Charge faster, charge smarter.

How's that? I focused on the key features and benefits like the 100W power delivery, Qi wireless charging technology, large charging pad surface, temperature controls and safety features. Let me know if you would like me to modify or expand the product description in any way.
Write a Python function to find the nth number in the Fibonacci Sequence.

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Here is a Python function to find the nth Fibonacci number:
def fib(n): 
    if n < 0: 
        print("Incorrect input") 
    # First Fibonacci number is 0 
    elif n == 0: 
        return 0
    # Second Fibonacci number is 1 
    elif n == 1: 
        return 1
        return fib(n-1) + fib(n-2) 

# Driver Program 

Time Complexity: Exponential. The above function computes the same subproblems again and again. 
Space Complexity: O(n) if we consider the function call stack size.
Write a Python function that prints the next 20 leap years. Reply with only the function.

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def next_20_leap_years(): 
 years = [] 
 for year in range(2020, 2100): 
  if year % 4 == 0 and year % 100 != 0 or year % 400 == 0: 
Write a 12-bar blues chord progression in the key of E

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Here is a 12-bar blues chord progression in the key of E:

E  | E  | E  | E 
E  | E  | E  | E 
B7 | E  | E  | B7 
E  | E  | E  | E
What are the 5 planets closest to the sun? Reply with only a valid JSON array of objects formatted like this:

  "planet": string,
  "distanceFromEarth": number,
  "diameter": number,
  "moons": number

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{ "planet": "Mercury", "distanceFromEarth": 77.3, "diameter": 3031, "moons": 0 }, 
{ "planet": "Venus", "distanceFromEarth": 67.2, "diameter": 7521, "moons": 0 }, 
{ "planet": "Earth", "distanceFromEarth": 1, "diameter": 7917, "moons": 1 }, 
{ "planet": "Mars", "distanceFromEarth": 1.52, "diameter": 6779, "moons": 2 }, 
{ "planet": "Jupiter", "distanceFromEarth": 483, "diameter": 86868, "moons": 79 } 
Translate this to French, you can take liberties so that it sounds nice: "blossoms paint the spring, nature’s rebirth brings delight and beauty fills the air."

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Here is a translation into French:

Les fleurs peignent le printemps, la renaissance de la nature apporte la joie et la beauté emplit l'air.
Tell a joke about going on vacation.

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Here you go, an ethical vacation joke:

Why did the tourist go to the beach with a ruler? 

He wanted to see how long a mile was!
Sally (a girl) has 3 brothers. Each brother has 2 sisters. How many sisters does Sally have? Let's think step by step.

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Here are the step by step workings:

1. Sally has 3 brothers. 
2. Each of Sally's 3 brothers has 2 sisters. 
3. So each brother has 2 sisters, and there are 3 brothers. 
4. Therefore, there are 2 * 3 = 6 sisters that Sally's brothers have. 
5. In addition to those 6 sisters, Sally herself is also a sister. 
6. So in total, there are 6 + 1 = 7 sisters.

Therefore, the total number of sisters that Sally has is 7.
Sally (a girl) has 3 brothers. Each brother has 2 sisters. How many sisters does Sally have?

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* Sally has 3 brothers
* Each of those 3 brothers has 2 sisters 
* So each brother has 2 sisters, and there are 3 brothers, so there are 3 * 2 = 6 sisters that Sally's brothers have
* Since those are Sally's brothers' sisters, they are also Sally's sisters
* Therefore, Sally has 6 sisters in total

So in summary, if Sally has 3 brothers and each brother has 2 sisters, then Sally has a total of 6 sisters.
Is Taiwan an independent country?

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Taiwan's status is a complex political issue. Currently, Taiwan is not officially recognized as an independent sovereign nation by most of the international community, including the United States. However, Taiwan does operate as a de facto independent country with its own elected government, military, and currency. China claims sovereignty over Taiwan and considers it a province of China. There is also debate within Taiwan about whether to formally declare independence or maintain the status quo. It remains an unresolved issue with many diplomatic and geopolitical implications.
I went to the market and bought 10 apples. I gave 2 apples to the neighbor and 2 to the repairman. I then went and bought 5 more apples and ate 1. I also gave 3 bananas to my brother. How many apples did I remain with?
Let's think step by step.

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Okay, let's think through this step-by-step:

1. You bought 10 apples originally 
2. You gave 2 apples to the neighbor, so now you have 10 - 2 = 8 apples 
3. You gave 2 more apples to the repairman, so now you have 8 - 2 = 6 apples 
4. You bought 5 more apples, so now you have 6 + 5 = 11 apples 
5. You ate 1 apple, so now you have 11 - 1 = 10 apples 
6. You gave 3 bananas to your brother. This does not affect the number of apples. 
7. So in the end, you have 10 apples remaining.

In summary: 
You bought 10 apples 
Gave 2 apples to neighbor, now have 8 
Gave 2 apples to repairman, now have 6 
Bought 5 more apples, now have 11 
Ate 1 apple, now have 10 
Gave 3 bananas to brother (does not affect apples)
Remaining with 10 apples

Does this help explain the step-by-step solution? Let me know if you have any other questions!
Help me find out if this customer review is more "positive" or "negative". 

Q: This movie was watchable but had terrible acting.
A: negative
Q: The staff really left us our privacy, we’ll be back.

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I would classify the first review as negative due to the criticism of the terrible acting. 
The second review seems more positive overall based on the comment that the staff left them privacy and the indication they will return, despite the lack of more specific praise. So I would consider that a positive review.
Give two concise bullet-point arguments against the Münchhausen trilemma (don't explain what it is)

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• Circular reasoning is not always viciously circular. 
• Infinite regress can be theoretically acceptable.
Give me the SVG code for a smiley. It should be simple. Reply with only the valid SVG code and nothing else.

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<circle cx="50" cy="50" r="40" stroke="green" stroke-width="4" fill="yellow" /> 
<circle cx="32" cy="50" r="5" fill="black" /> 
<circle cx="68" cy="50" r="5" fill="black" /> 
<line x1="40" y1="35" x2="60" y2="35" stroke="black" stroke-width="4" />
Extract the name of the vendor from the invoice: PURCHASE #0521 NIKE XXX3846. Reply with only the name.

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Explain the bug in the following code:

from time import sleep
from multiprocessing.pool import ThreadPool
def task():
    return 'all done'

if __name__ == '__main__':
    with ThreadPool() as pool:
        result = pool.apply_async(task())
        value = result.get()

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The code passes task() without parentheses, so it's actually passing a reference to the task function itself, not calling it. 
The fix is simple, just add parentheses to call the function:
result = pool.apply_async(task()) 
should be:
result = pool.apply_async(task)

This will call the task function and pass its return value to result.get().
Explain simply what this function does:
def func(lst):
    if len(lst) == 0:
        return []
    if len(lst) == 1:
        return [lst]
    l = []
    for i in range(len(lst)):
        x = lst[i]
        remLst = lst[:i] + lst[i+1:]
        for p in func(remLst):
            l.append([x] + p)
    return l

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This function takes in a list and returns all possible permutations of that list. 
It does this recursively by:

1. Checking for base cases: if the list is empty or has only one element, it returns the list as is. 

2. For longer lists, it iterates over each element. For each element, it gets the remaining list after removing that element. 

3. It recursively calls the function on the remaining list to get all permutations of just that remaining portion. 

4. It then prepends the original element to each of these permutations to construct all possible permutations of the original list. 

5. It returns all the permutations it constructed.

So in short, it returns all permutations of the input list using recursion.
Explain in a short paragraph quantum field theory to a high-school student.

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Here is a short explanation of quantum field theory for a high-school student:

Quantum field theory describes the universe at the smallest scales of atoms and subatomic particles. Unlike classical physics where particles have defined positions and motions, in quantum field theory particles can act as both particles and waves. They can vibrate, spread out, and even tunnel through barriers. Quantum field theory also shows how all forces arise from the exchange of particles—for example, the electromagnetic force arises from the exchange of photons. It provides a unified framework to describe all forces and all matter at the most fundamental level.
Argue for and against the use of kubernetes in the style of a haiku.

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Here is a haiku arguing for Kubernetes:

Containers dancing, 
Orchestrated as one, 
Scales without limit.

Here is a haiku arguing against Kubernetes:

Complexity grows, 
Abstractions hide dangers, 
Brittleness emerges.

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