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Write me a product description for a 100W wireless fast charger for my website.

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Introducing our 100W Wireless Fast Charger, a game-changer in the world of technology. This sleek and compact device is designed to provide a rapid, reliable, and efficient charging experience for your gadgets. It's not just a charger, it's a revolution that powers up your devices at lightning speed.

Our 100W Wireless Fast Charger is compatible with a wide range of devices, from smartphones to tablets, making it a versatile addition to your tech arsenal. It supports all Qi-enabled devices and even those with USB-C charging ports. 

The charger is equipped with advanced technology that ensures safe charging. It has built-in features to prevent overcharging, overheating, and short-circuiting, ensuring the longevity of your devices. The smart LED indicator on the charger allows you to monitor the charging status at a glance.

The design is sleek and minimalist, making it a stylish addition to your desk or bedside table. It's lightweight and portable, perfect for those who are always on the go. The non-slip surface ensures your device stays in place while charging.

Experience the convenience of wireless charging with our 100W Wireless Fast Charger. Say goodbye to tangled wires and slow charging speeds. Embrace the future of charging with this powerful, efficient, and safe device.
Write a Python function to find the nth number in the Fibonacci Sequence.

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The Fibonacci Sequence is a series of numbers where the next number is found by adding up the two numbers before it. The sequence starts with 0 and 1. Here is a Python function to find the nth number in the Fibonacci Sequence:

def fibonacci(n):
    if n <= 0:
        return "Input should be positive integer."
    elif n == 1:
        return 0
    elif n == 2:
        return 1
        a, b = 0, 1
        for i in range(2, n):
            a, b = b, a + b
        return b

You can call this function with a positive integer n to get the nth number in the Fibonacci Sequence. For example, `fibonacci(10)` will return `34` because the 10th number in the Fibonacci Sequence is 34.
Write a Python function that prints the next 20 leap years. Reply with only the function.

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def print_leap_years():
    import datetime
    current_year =
    count = 0
    while count < 20:
        if (current_year % 4 == 0 and current_year % 100 != 0) or (current_year % 400 == 0):
            count += 1
        current_year += 1

Write a 12-bar blues chord progression in the key of E

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A 12-bar blues chord progression in the key of E would look like this:

| E7 | E7 | E7 | E7 |

| A7 | A7 | E7 | E7 |

| B7 | A7 | E7 | B7 |
What are the 5 planets closest to the sun? Reply with only a valid JSON array of objects formatted like this:

  "planet": string,
  "distanceFromEarth": number,
  "diameter": number,
  "moons": number

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    "planet": "Mercury",
    "distanceFromEarth": 77.3,
    "diameter": 4879,
    "moons": 0
    "planet": "Venus",
    "distanceFromEarth": 41.4,
    "diameter": 12104,
    "moons": 0
    "planet": "Earth",
    "distanceFromEarth": 0,
    "diameter": 12742,
    "moons": 1
    "planet": "Mars",
    "distanceFromEarth": 78.3,
    "diameter": 6779,
    "moons": 2
    "planet": "Jupiter",
    "distanceFromEarth": 628.7,
    "diameter": 139820,
    "moons": 79
Translate this to French, you can take liberties so that it sounds nice: "blossoms paint the spring, nature’s rebirth brings delight and beauty fills the air."

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"Les fleurs colorent le printemps, la renaissance de la nature apporte joie et la beauté emplit l'air."
Tell a joke about going on vacation.

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Why don't secret agents ever go on vacation?

Because they might get caught "under-cover"!
Sally (a girl) has 3 brothers. Each brother has 2 sisters. How many sisters does Sally have? Let's think step by step.

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Sally has 3 brothers. Each of these brothers has 2 sisters. This means that there are 2 girls in the family, including Sally. Therefore, Sally has 1 sister.
Sally (a girl) has 3 brothers. Each brother has 2 sisters. How many sisters does Sally have?

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Sally has 2 sisters.
Is Taiwan an independent country?

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This is a complex and sensitive issue. Taiwan has its own government, military, constitution, and conducts its own domestic and international policy, which would suggest it operates as an independent country. However, the People's Republic of China considers Taiwan to be a part of its territory and many countries do not officially recognize Taiwan as a separate sovereign state due to diplomatic relations with China. The United Nations also does not recognize Taiwan as a separate sovereign state.
I went to the market and bought 10 apples. I gave 2 apples to the neighbor and 2 to the repairman. I then went and bought 5 more apples and ate 1. I also gave 3 bananas to my brother. How many apples did I remain with?
Let's think step by step.

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First, you bought 10 apples.
Then, you gave 2 apples to the neighbor, so you had 10 - 2 = <<10-2=8>>8 apples left.
You also gave 2 apples to the repairman, so you had 8 - 2 = <<8-2=6>>6 apples left.
Then, you bought 5 more apples, so you had 6 + 5 = <<6+5=11>>11 apples.
After eating 1 apple, you had 11 - 1 = <<11-1=10>>10 apples left.
The bananas you gave to your brother do not affect the number of apples you have.
So, you remained with 10 apples.
Help me find out if this customer review is more "positive" or "negative". 

Q: This movie was watchable but had terrible acting.
A: negative
Q: The staff really left us our privacy, we’ll be back.

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Give two concise bullet-point arguments against the Münchhausen trilemma (don't explain what it is)

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- The Münchhausen trilemma assumes that knowledge must be justified by an infinite regress, circular reasoning, or axiomatic statements, but it fails to consider the possibility of a fourth option: foundationalism, which posits that some beliefs are self-justifying and do not require external validation.
- The trilemma also overlooks the role of pragmatic justification in knowledge acquisition, where beliefs can be justified based on their practical utility or success in explaining phenomena, rather than strictly logical or empirical grounds.
Give me the SVG code for a smiley. It should be simple. Reply with only the valid SVG code and nothing else.

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<svg xmlns="" viewBox="0 0 24 24">
    <circle cx="12" cy="12" r="10" stroke="black" stroke-width="2" fill="yellow" />
    <circle cx="9" cy="10" r="1" stroke="black" stroke-width="2" fill="black" />
    <circle cx="15" cy="10" r="1" stroke="black" stroke-width="2" fill="black" />
    <path d="M8 14 Q 12 18, 16 14" stroke="black" stroke-width="2" fill="transparent" />
Extract the name of the vendor from the invoice: PURCHASE #0521 NIKE XXX3846. Reply with only the name.

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Explain the bug in the following code:

from time import sleep
from multiprocessing.pool import ThreadPool
def task():
    return 'all done'

if __name__ == '__main__':
    with ThreadPool() as pool:
        result = pool.apply_async(task())
        value = result.get()

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The bug in the code is in the line where the `apply_async` method is called. The `apply_async` method expects a function as the first argument, but in this case, the function `task()` is being called and its return value is being passed to `apply_async`.

The correct code should be:

result = pool.apply_async(task)

This way, the `task` function is passed to `apply_async` and it will be executed in a separate thread.
Explain simply what this function does:
def func(lst):
    if len(lst) == 0:
        return []
    if len(lst) == 1:
        return [lst]
    l = []
    for i in range(len(lst)):
        x = lst[i]
        remLst = lst[:i] + lst[i+1:]
        for p in func(remLst):
            l.append([x] + p)
    return l

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This function generates all the permutations of a given list. 

A permutation is a rearrangement of the elements in a list. For example, the permutations of [1, 2, 3] are [1, 2, 3], [1, 3, 2], [2, 1, 3], [2, 3, 1], [3, 1, 2], and [3, 2, 1].

The function works by recursively removing each element from the list and generating permutations of the remaining list, then adding the removed element to the front of each of these permutations. 

If the input list is empty, it returns an empty list. If the input list contains only one element, it returns a list containing that element.
Explain in a short paragraph quantum field theory to a high-school student.

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Quantum Field Theory, or QFT, is a branch of physics that combines the principles of quantum mechanics (the study of the very small, like atoms and particles) and field theory (which describes how fields, like the electromagnetic field around a magnet, work). In QFT, every type of particle is associated with a field that fills up all of space and time. Particles are seen as excited states or 'ripples' in their respective fields. So, for example, a photon (a particle of light) is an excitation in the electromagnetic field. This theory helps us understand how particles interact with each other and is fundamental to our understanding of the physical universe.
Argue for and against the use of kubernetes in the style of a haiku.

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Scalable and swift,
Kubernetes leads the fleet,
Cloud's masterful gift.

Complex to manage,
Errors often enrage,
Not for every stage.

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